German Ambassador visits Katutura State Hospital

The German Ambassador to Namibia, Christian-Matthias Schlaga, and German Federal Foreign Office Regional Medical Doctor for Southern Africa, Dr Volker Schmidt, visited the Katutura State Hospital in Windhoek on 1 February 2017.  Purpose of the visit had been to learn more about the hospital and its internal operations. Katutura State Hospital Enlarge image Ambassador Schlaga visiting the Katutura State Hospital (© German Embassy Windhoek)

They visited the hospital’s respiratory services unit, the casualty department, the intensive care unit and the department for internal medicine. Discussions took place with the Permanent Secretary of the Namibian Ministry of Health and Social Services, Dr Andreas Mwoombola, the Chief Medical Officer of the hospital, Dr Mwandina Shiweda, the Dean of the School of Medicine of the University of Namibia (UNAM), Professor Peter Nyarango, as well as Dr Gunar Günther, a German specialist for respiratory diseases and Head of Department of the Hospital’s Respiratory Services Unit.

Talks revolved around milestones which the state health care services have reached over the past years but also the numerous challenges in areas such as logistics, equipment and human resources. With Namibia still ranked as the country with the 5th highest tuberculosis rate in the world, discussions specifically focused on the treatment of tuberculosis and HIV, as well as resistance to antibiotics in the treatment of tuberculosis, and other  illnesses, still presenting  huge challenges to the Namibian health sector.

Furthermore, the visitors met some students of the School of Medicine of UNAM. Although the Katutura State Hospital is the training hospital for the medical students, it is not yet sufficiently equipped with the relevant infrastructure for this purpose, particularly, the lack of medical staff with the necessary advanced training to teach the young doctors.

German Ambassador visits Katutura State Hospital

Katutura State Hospital