Information on Germany

Here you will find links and references to sources for general information on Germany


General Information on Germany

The following links will take you to websites that provide general information on Germany, like the Internet gateway "Deutschlandportal", the booklet "Facts about Germany", the bi-monthly magazine "Deutschland", the websites " Young Germany" with interesting reports for young people and the "Land of Ideas"-website:

Information on German Culture

You are interested in German culture and cultural life in Germany?

Here is a selection of links which will guide you to websites with information on German culture.

Anwaltstorso mit Code Civil

Centre for German Legal Information

The Centre for German Legal Information offers you a comprehensive and freely accessible database on German law. It brings together legislation, translations of court decisions, articles and other law-related documents in a searchable and categorised form

Information on Germany

Reichstag mit deutscher Fahne

Maps of Germany

Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy

A topographic and an orohydrographic map of Germany as well as a map showing Germany’s administrative boundaries can be downloaded from the website of the  Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy. Please note the licensing conditions.