Handing over of the „Mobile Field Hospital (MFH)“ to the Namibian Defence Force (NDF)

Military Field Hospital (MFH) Enlarge image Military Field Hospital (MFH) (© Bw)

On 26 February 2013 the „Mobile Field Hospital“ project of the German Advisory Group (Bw) Namibia was officially handed over to the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) at Luiperds Vallei by H.E. Ambassador Onno Hückmann together with Lieutenant General Dr. Ingo Patschke, Surgeon General of Germany's Federal Armed Forces.

Within the framework of the Equipment Aid Programme 2009-2012 of the German Government and the Namibian Ministry of Defence and based on the delivery of medical supplies between the years 2005 and 2008 (i.e.: 3 containers, 20 ambulances, 4 tents as well as 25 tons of medical equipment) the implementation and building of a Mobile Field Hospital / MFH in the category of a „UN Level II“–hospital has been agreed upon.

It enables the Namibian Armed Forces to support peace keeping missions of up to 1,000 soldiers within the framework of UN, AU or SADC missions. The field hospital can also be used in case of humanitarian operations within the territory of Namibia to assist people affected by natural catastrophes or floods.

The most notable feature of the MFH is the ability to treat up to 40 outpatients per day as well as the admission of up to 20 in-house patients (including 2 intensive care units). Furthermore, dental treatment of up to 20 patients and 4 operations (including anaesthesia, x-ray and laboratory) are possible.

Some of the soldiers received substantial language training with the aid of the Goethe-Institut as well as medical training at the German Armed Forces hospitals in Hamburg and Berlin.

Detailed logistics enables the MFH to bring all the necessary equipment with its own transport to the area in question. Water purifiers, water tanks, kitchens, generators, toilet and shower containers as well as sewage and refuse disposals are part of the self-contained operation of the MFH.

After the first complete set-up in 2011 the MFH has been fully transferred and set-up again twice during 2012. Week-long trial runs under authentic conditions have begun.

A couple of months ago, sections of the MFH were tested successfully: The Motor Vehicle Association Fund (MVA) has asked NDF whether the MFH could help out during the main holiday season in December/January to assist in their emergency aid. Rescue teams of the NDF were deployed in Okahandja, Otavi and Oshivelo.

Official handing over of the "Mobile Field Hospital" Enlarge image Official handing over of the "Mobile Field Hospital" (© German Advisory Group (Bw))

Military Field Hospital