Funding Guidelines micro projects

  • In general, the grant amount for small-scale projects may not exceed  € 25,000 (equivalent in Namibia Dollars depending on exchange rate).
  • Completion and settlement of projects shall be during the same year in which the funding agreement had been signed and the funds were made available.
  • Funding of commodities/consumables (such as foodstuffs, medicines, etc.) is not possible.
  • Ongoing and recurring costs such as salaries, daily expenses, administrative and travel costs may not be financed.

Non-eligible are projects aiming at supporting individuals or already privileged groups as well as those relating to humanitarian aid during disaster and crisis situations or food aid. In addition, projects cannot be considered for funding if the follow-up costs cannot be borne by the applicant/executing agency and sustainability of at least 2 years is not guaranteed.

For more information on requirements for assistance through the micro-project fund, please contact the Economic Cooperation Section at

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

P.O. Box 231 


Funding Guidelines micro projects