9 June 2017 - Liebhardt Mogotsi Invited To A One-Year Training Course In Germany

Liebhardt Mogotsi invited to a one year Training Course in Germany Enlarge image On the right, Mr. Ullrich Kinne, Head of the Cultural Department at the German Embassy with Mr. Liebhardt Mogotsi (left). (© German Embassy)

As part of its foreign cultural and educational policy, the German Foreign Office supports courses for sports experts and coaches from developing countries. In this framework, Mr Liebhardt Mogotsi will take part in the 40th International Coaching Course at the Academy for Foreign Coaches of the German Athletic Federation (DLV) in Mainz from 09.06.2017 until 31.07.2018.

The German Athletic Federation (DLV) has supported sports and in particular athletics in developing countries since the beginning of the 1970ies with a particular focus on supporting the establishment of strong teaching and coaching infrastructure. The training of coaches, teachers and other multipliers, the support with specialist literature as well as the counselling in sports science, sports medicine and training methods was just as important to the founders of the Academy for Foreign Coaches as the transfer of knowledge to sports experts and officials in the area of the organisation of sporting events.

One of the most important DLV progammes with long-term positive effects is the International Coaching Course for scholarship holders from developing countries at the Academy for Foreign Coaches offered in partnership with the University of Mainz. This coaching course has existed since 1977 and the scholarship holders are able to complete a diploma in the area of athletics that is internationally highly recognised.

Mr. Ullrich Kinne, Head of the Cultural Department at the German Embassy, congratulated Mr. Liebhardt Mogotsi on receiving the scholarship and wished him an exciting stay that would also be useful for Mr. Mogotsi’s further work in Namibian sports. Mr. Mogotsi, who has been an organiser and coach at the NSSU (Namibian School Sports Union) as well as a teacher at the Gqaina Primary School, has thanked the German Government for providing him with this opportunity and described sports as an important instrument to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor. “I am certain that I will be able to learn a lot at the Academy for Foreign Coaches in Mainz and that I will be able to contribute to the further development of Namibian sports for the benefit of the whole population after my return.”

Apart from being a committed member of the NSSU, Mr Mogotsi for the past 10 years has been actively involved not only in school sports development, but similar related sports activities on school, regional, national and international level. He has presented his region and Namibia at various international forums and events such as being the technical official at the U17 COSSASA (Confederation of School Sports Associations) Athletics Games and the U20 AUSC (African Union Sports council) Region 5 in Angola 2016.