Bilateral cultural relations

Deutsche Welle Akademie in Bonn Enlarge image Deutsche Welle Akademie in Bonn (© Deutsche Welle) The cultural relations between Namibia and Germany are rooted in the mutual history and are based on the Cultural Agreement of 5 June 1991. As a lively pillar, they complement political relations and development co-operation.

Some of our projects are presented here:

Rock art engraving detail near Twylfontein

Cultural Preservation Programme of the Federal Foreign Office

Since 1981 Germany has been supporting the preservation of cultural heritage across the globe as part of the Federal Foreign Office's Cultural Preservation Programme. For more than 20 years projects aimed at preserving the cultural heritage in Namibia have been funded.

Namibian-German Centre for Logistics (NGCL)

The NGCL aims to support the tasks and needs of the local transportation and logistics industry thus serving as a one-stop-shop for all logistics issues.

Menschen bewegen Sportförderung Auswärtiges Amt

Sports Promotion

The Namibian-German co-operation in the field of sport is intensive. Within its sports promotion programme the Federal German Foreign Office supports the development of sport in Namibia by sending experts, making donations of sport material and arranging for training courses for coaches at sport schools and universities in Germany.

Austauschschüler in Deutschland

School and Youth Exchange

Exchange programmes and school partnerships promote cross-border mobility of young people, understanding for each other as well as tolerance and open-mindedness.  In exchange of this kind, pupils gain...

Bilateral cultural relations

New DAAD Lecturer Arrives In Namibia

DAAD Lecturer

As of May 2017, Ms. Barbara Liebel will take up her post as the new German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) lecturer at the University of Namibia (UNAM).

Agreement between Namibia and Germany on Cultural Co-operation

Are you interested in the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Namibia and the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany on Cultural Co-operation? Here you will find the text of the Agreement of 1991.

Goethe Institut

 An important partner of the Embassy in the cultural sector is the Goethe Institut in Windhoek:

The Deutsche Höhere Privatschule is a multi-cultural secondary school.

EUNIC is a network of international cultural relations institutes from the member states of the European Union, who seek to facilitate cultural co-operation.